Episode 7: George Huntley

George Huntley is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, keyboard player and longtime member of the great Raleigh, NC band The Connells. The band’s jangle pop sound made them a college radio staple in the late 80s and early 90s, and the success of songs like “’74-’75” brought them fame far beyond the United States. But as the band hit its musical peak, tragedy struck. For Huntley, it was the beginning of major life changes that led him to a successful new career selling real estate in his hometown.

7 comments on “Episode 7: George Huntley

  1. Adam Jones says:

    Awesome interview! I grew up with the Connells and think of each member as a friend. Good to hear from George and to get his perspective.

    1. Court Harson says:

      Thanks so much for listening and taking the time to comment!

  2. Tucker Cawley says:

    A lovely interview with such a humble, thoughtful guy. The Connells were a big part of my musical upbringing, and I’m so happy to hear how at peace George is with his past and present. Thank you!

  3. Wren says:

    Always a bright and humble star ~ my dear CP friend and neighbor.

  4. Rob says:

    I’m a big Connell’s fan and I’ve had the luxury of communicating with George via email a few times over the years as our children are of similar age. In any case, I’d just like to say that I’ve found him to be one of the most humble and down-to-earth humans that I’ve ever met. #BoylanHeights #CameronPark

  5. Buck Propst says:

    Great interview with my DOFO and friend George! Thank you for doing it!

  6. Kelly David Fairbanks says:

    I know I’m late to the party, but I am so happy to have found this. I met George and Doug several times back in the 90s, and I could go on and on about how gracious and friendly they were. George especially made an impression on me. Listening to the Connells I was always struck by how much he added to the songs he didn’t write. Great melodic guitar work and great backing vocals. He also wrote some of their best songs—Lay Me Down and Doin’ You are my favorites. I wish I could see them all together one more time.

    Listen to Brain Junk and Unreleased Demos if you haven’t already. Both are on YouTube.

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